Surendranagar is an administrative district in the state of Gujarat in India. It has a population of approximately 1.7 million people. Surendranagar is also known as Jhalawad, as many principalities of Surendranagar district were ruled by Jhala Rajputs. Surendranagar city, along with the twin city of Wadhwan, has a total of 400,000 inhabitants, and is known as the city of Hi-Tech Bungalows.

Checkout these Best Tourist Destinations In Gujarat

It was also known as “Camp”. The city is also home to a big textile and clothing market, specializing in saris. Big clothing showrooms are located in the city. The city has a wholesale grain market called Mehta Market. It is well connected with road and the rail network. So, you can easily reach this place for a fun tourist vacation.

Following are the top 9 tourist destinations in Surendranagar.

1. Chamunda Temple

Chamunda Temple

Chotila Hill, at an elevation of around 1250 ft, is renowned for a beautiful shrine of Chamunda Mataji. The goddess is popular among natives as Chamunda Mata, Rann-Chandi and Chandi-Chamunda Mata. The temple is dedicated to Chamunda Mataji, the Goddess of Power and an incarnation of Durga.

It is believed that Goddess Durga killed two demons, Chanda and Munda, who attempted to takeover heaven. The goddess is the Kuldevi of most of the Hindus residing in the Saurashtra region. During the navaratri festival, a big havan also takes place on top of the Chotila hill.

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2. Sati Ranik Devi Temple

Sati Ranik Devi Temple

The Ancient Temple of Sati Ranik Devi was constructed by Raja Sidh to honour the respect and devotion of Ranik Devi for her husband, Rakhengar. Ranik Devi was born in the Junagadh territory and her marriage was fixed with Raja Sidh.

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However, the ruler of the Junagadh territory, Rakhengar, wanted to marry Ranik Devi and thus, kidnapped her and forcefully married her. A battle was fought between the two rulers, in which Rakhengar was killed. On hearing about her husband’s death, Ranik Devi performed sati.

3. Madha Vav

Madha Vav

Madha Vav is a step well , about 55 meter deep in the village of Wadhwan. According to folklore , the well was empty and dry for many centuries. One day , one of the villagers had a dream that a newly married couple should sacrifice their lives in the well and only then would it have water.

A couple agreed for welfare of the people and the benefit of the village. They directly proceeded to the well after their marriage vows. With each step they took, the water level inside the well rose up and till now, the well has never been empty.

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4. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal

During the era of the Jhala rulers, the construction of the Hawa Mahal in Wadhwan was taken up. Even though it was an ambitious project with ultimate craftsmanship and the aim was to build a lake palace, the work was left incomplete.

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Today the building gives us a glimpse into the style of architecture used by the artisans in erecting it. In present day, many artisans can be seen involved in carving and cutting of sculptures for various Hindu and Jain temple projects.

5. Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan Temple

The Swaminarayan Temple is located near the Railway Station of Surendranagar and you can easily reach here from the main junction. Shree Swaminarayan Mandir has a marvellous architecture. It is the birth place of Shri Yogiji Shri Mahant Swami Maharaj.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and other deities like Akshar bhram Gunatitanand Swami , Ghanshyam Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj etc.

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6. Trineteshwar Temple

Trineteshwar Temple

The Trineteshwar Temple is considered as an abode of Lord Shiva. The temple derives its name from ‘Trinethra’, meaning three-eyed. The temple represents the architectural style prevalent during the rule of the Pratihara kings. It is believed that the Pratihara kings were worshippers of Lord Shiva and the shrine is adorned with various sculptures depicting different stages of his life.

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The temple pond is believed to be sacred as it has the waters of the Ganges. The pond is called Papnashu, the destroyer of sins. The Tarnetar Fair is organised annually to pay respect to the three-eyed Lord Shiva at this temple.

7. Dholidaja Dam

Dholidaja Dam

The Dholidhaja Dam, in the urban area of Surendranagar, Dudhrej Municipality in Gujarat, serves as the primary source of water for the cities of Surendranagar and Wadhwan. The dam also provides safe drinking water to the twin cities of Joravarnagar and Ratanpar.

The dam is constructed across the Bhogavo River and is situated on the western side of Surendranagar. On 26th January 2010, Narendra Modi, announced the plantation of 60,000 trees, along with the construction of a water park and gym near the dam.

8. Dhrangadhra


Dhrangadhra is a town located on the banks of the Falgu River. The town is renowned for attractions like the Madhur Bhavan, Jegasar Talav, Man Mahelat, Manjar Talav and Shitla Mata Temple. The Matri vav of Kankavati, a protected monument and carved pieces of Sompura can also be seen in the town. Tourists can also see the ruined monuments, temples and an ancient kund belonging to the kingdom of Zala King in Dhrangadhra.

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9. Halvad


Halvad village is famous for its Jain Temples that are believed to have been constructed in 1837, at Tikar. The temple complex is situated in the desert village, on the banks of the Brahmani River. Some of the ancient idols of the Pandavas and Shri Krishna were discovered during the excavations in Halvad.

A beautiful temple dedicated to Samudri Mata, also known as Sundari Bhavani and the family Goddess of Kandoliya Brahmins, can also be visited.

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Thus, as you can see, Surendranagar and Wadhwan are two cities which can take you on a road down history and truly enchant tourists with all the beauty they have to offer. So make your plans and pack your bags, these historic and wonderful cities are waiting for you!