Mehsana district (alternate spelling “Mahesana”) is one of the 33 districts of Gujarat state in western India. Mehsana city is the administrative headquarters of this district.

The district has a population of over 18 lakhs and there are over 600 villages in this district. Mehsana district borders with Banaskantha district in the north, Patan and Surendranagar districts in west, Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad districts in south and Sabarkantha district in the east. If we go through the history of the city itself was named after Mehsaji Chavda who was the Rajput ruler of Chawda empire.

Mehsana is famous for its big arc gate known as Toran and the shrine of Goddess Toran. This temple is mentioned in many poems and mythological stories. Its picturesque beauty and innate charm draws a lot of tourists round the year. Mehsana is eminent for its local Mehsani breed of buffalo and is also famous for its steel and iron market. It is a beautiful town to visit in Gujarat and an apt destination to enjoy the vacations with family.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 tourist destinations in Mehsana.

1. Thol Wildlife Sanctuary

Thol Wildlife Sanctuary

A beautiful tourist destination to flock to, Thol Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous attraction of this region and is just 4 Kms from the city. Tourist can see different types of species such as Wildfowl, Grey pelicans, Flamingos and Black ibis. The tallest flying winged animal of the world Sarus crane possesses this region and is found in great number. Huge number of waterfowls gets pulled in to this site because of the farming fields encompassing the lake, which give adequate sustenance to them.

The lake is additionally encompassed by great tree covers. There are in excess of 80 types of waterfowls revealed at Thol. Rising and drifting amphibian plants are there at Thol Bird Sanctuary alongwith some earthbound trees and herbs, for example, desi baval, bor, neem, vad, pilu, gando baval, kerdo and so forth.

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2. Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun Temple

The Sun Temple is a Hindu sanctuary devoted to the sun powered god Surya situated at Modhera town of Mehsana region, Gujarat, India. It is arranged on the bank of the waterway Pushpavati. It was worked after 1026-27 CE amid the rule of Bhima I of the Chaulukya tradition. No love is offered now and is secured landmark kept up by Archeological Survey of India.

The sanctuary complex has three parts: Gudhamandapa, the hallowed place corridor; Sabhamandapa, the get together lobby and Kunda, the repository. As per the Konark, this shrine is designed in a manner, so that the first rays of the Sun are daily cast on the image of Lord Surya. The brilliant architecture of the temple is one of its own class. Modhera dance festival is the major festival that is observed by the sun temple.

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3. Tirupati Natural Park

Tirupati Natural Park

It was once a waste barren, non productive, gully area but today it is a beautiful park which has spectacular landscape gardens, orchards and amidst it all innumerable activities to keep you entertained for the whole day. It is situated in Visnagar.

It is pollution free and quite a lovely and peaceful place, full of wonders and surprises where you enjoy the celebrations of memorable occasions. It also has vast lakes, astounding scenes, plantations and so on. It is a very exquisite and tranquil place, brimming with ponders and amazements where you appreciate the beauty of everyday life.

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4. Bahuchara Mata Temple

Bahuchara Mata Temple

Bahuchara Mata is a Hindu goddess of virtue and fruitfulness and in her maiden perspective, the manifestation of the mother part of Shakti. She is viewed as a  patroness of the hijra community.

Bahuchara Mata is depicted as a lady who conveys a sword on her upper right, a content of sacred texts on her upper left, the abhay hasta mudra on her base right, and a trident on her base left. She is placed on a chicken, which symbolizes honesty.

South and north gates of the temple are structured with impressive and beautiful decorated zhrukha. The atmosphere here is very quiet and serene and the complex is wonderfully beautified with stone carvings and divider artworks.  the sanctuary is viewed as a minor Shakti Peetha and every year about 1.5 million pilgrims visit this temple.

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5. Kirti Toran

Kirti Toran

The ‘Toran’, also called the ‘Kirti Stambha’ temple arch in different areas, is a semi-religious or community shape that prospered under the Solanki rule in Gujarat. Two of the finest cases are at Vadnagar. At one time, both more likely than not been associated with a sanctuary, not a hint of which now remains.

The Toran of Vadnagar in Gujarat, is the one that remained. It exists at the place that was once the building of Rewah, and is a genuinely forcing structure. It ascends to an aggregate stature of 40 feet and comprises of two gigantic and expanding sections, supporting a wide cornice, above which rises a vaulted pediment, containing figures.

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6. Vijaypur Jain Tirth

Vijaypur Jain Tirth

This exceedingly fascinating three-storeyed temple looks beautiful like a marvellous residence of god. It is a very good place for meditation in a peaceful atmosphere. The great festival of the idol’s installation in the temple was celebrated in the presence of millions of jains on friday on the third day of the dark half month of vaishakh in the year 2037 of the vikaram samvant according to the Hindu Gujarati calendar. This is the ancient temple of Lord Prashwanath.

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7. Tanariri Memorial

Tanariri Memorial

The story behind this claims that Akbar’s court singer Tansen was badly affected by the burns of the Deepak raag. The commander in chief Amjad Khan came to Vadnagar and found about the two sisters, Tana and Riri who were singers and could cure Tansen by singing raga malhar. However when they were Asked to sing at Akbar’s court they committed suicide instead of refusing to him. This memorial has been made in Vadnagar to honor them and it is a heritage site.

Thus, as you must have read above, Mehsana is a beautiful and tranquil place which is sure to have you awed by its beauty. To believe everything we’ve written here, you must plan a trip yourself and soon go visit this marvellous place.

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