The city of Dahod holds an esteemed position in the Mughal history as the popular Emperor of this dynasty, Aurangzeb was born here. The city with rich overflowing history and tradition is highly admired by the history lovers.

Dahod is filled with culture, heritage, historic sites and temples. It shares its borders with the states of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. The Mughals paid great interest in the all round development of this city.

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Tantia Tope, the famous freedom fighter is believed to have spent his last days in exile here at the time of freedom struggle. The actual name was “Dohad”, which later got transformed into Dahod. The people living in the district are mostly rural. Moreover, a majority of the districts residents are Tribals, mostly Bhils. From historical sites to cultural attractions, there is an exhaustive list of local attractions in Dahod.

Here are the top 8 tourist destinations in the city of Dahod.

1. Najmi Masjid

Najmi Masjid

Najmi Masjid is popular as the tallest landmark in the entire City Of Dahod. It was inaugurated in the year 2002 AD by the 52nd Dai Al Mutlaq, His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb. In fact, the mosque is the biggest of all mosques belonging to the Dawoodi Bohra community. The Najmi Masjid is considered as a sanctum sanctorum for Muslims residing in Dahod city. During the time of festivals, devotees visit the mosque in large numbers and offer their prayers to The Almighty.

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2. Chhab Talav

Chhab Talav

Chhab Talav with its illuminating waters has emerged as a good tourist destination. Many families come to this lake and spend some time in tranquillity. Food stalls with different variety of eateries fills up your hungry belly. Scenic views of the surroundings with greenery spread all over will provide a perfect visual treat for many a tourist. The most notable aspect of the talav is its surrounding area, which has been developed into a beautiful picnic spot.

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3. Panchkrishna Temple

Panchkrishna Temple

Panchkrishna temple stands at Zalod taluka of the district, in a village called Therka.  It is a historical temple of 12th century. According to, Indian myth, the Pandavas, during their forest-dwelling, stayed here and founded this temple. The temple tells the story of meeting of Pandvas with Lord Krishna at the time of vanavasa. The best time to visit this temple is the punam before holi, shivratri and the month of shravan. The temple has an ancient origin and is adorned with impressive sculptures and striking architecture.

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4. Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple

This temple located within the city is greatly renowned as an ancient religious centre for the Hindus.  The origin of this temple has been found to have enrooted in 12th century. Local myths say that it was built in a single night by a Devadasi dancer. It is embellished with unique and exquisite sculptures and architectural beauty for which it has also been notified as a historical pilgrimage spot. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has been entrusted with the restoration of this temple.  Many ancient inscriptions and carvings can be witnessed within the temple. The beauty of the temple is augmented by a beautiful tank situated nearby.

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5. Mangadh Hill

Mangadh Hill

Mangadh hill is located at Taluka Fatepure of Dahod district, in a village named Gadhada. It is considered very scared for the tribal population of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. 500 odd tribal martyrs were killed by British Rulers, in Santrampur taluka of the tribal dominated Panchmahals district. The Chief Minister had earlier announced to launch State level Van Mahotsav from this historic place to commemorate the martyrdom of these unknown tribal freedom fighters who were disciples of Guru Govind Singh. The place is exquisitely adorned with majestic hills and patches of lush green forests. Backwaters of Kadana Dam can be seen very near to Mangadh hill. This is the location of an important fair of the tribals which is held on Margshirsha Purnima.

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6. Kanteja Campsite and Ratanmahal

Kanteja Campsite and Ratanmahal

Kanjeta is a fully developed campsite situated inside the Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary in the Dahod district of Central Gujarat. Like all the other eco campsite, this campsite is also surrounded by a rich variety of diverse flora and fauna. The main attraction is the sloth bear but the area also harbours other species like panthers, jungle cats, civets, jackals, hyenas, honey badgers, foxes, porcupines etc. It also boasts of a variety of avifauna like treepies, white bellied drongos, racket tailed drongos, paradise fly catcher, black headed oriole, etc and a variety of reptiles. It spans an area of about 55 square kilometres and has been declared as a protected area. River Panam originates from within the sanctuary. The sanctuary’s geological formation and structure adds a lot to its beauty.

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7. Dahod Fair

Dahod Fair

Right in the heart of the city of Dahod, every week the Dahod fair  or Dahod Mela is hosted, on every Wednesday. Mainly the residents of Dahod come here to visit the fair. Items related to the traditions and customs of Gujarat are bought by the tourists. The prices of the items found here are quite low. The small hawkers sell different items like handicrafts, plastic wares and household items. These hawkers mainly come from the tribal regions located nearby. Different types of herbs, fruits, and tribal jewellery made up of a mixture of silver and lead are sold by the tribal people.

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8. Devzari Mahadev Temple

Devzari Mahadev Temple

Devzari Mahadev temple is located at the outskirts of National Highway in the district of Dahod at a village called Rozam. It is situated at a distance of about 14 kilometers from the district. In this ancient temple, Shivratri is celebrated every Monday with great religious fervour.

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So as you can see, Dahod may not be an industrial or technologically advanced city, but it sure is one to offer a calm and peaceful getaway from the everyday hustle bustle of our lives. If you’re someone who loves to discover new places to see and explore unique things, don’t miss out on these amazing sights at Dahod. Plan a trip, pack your bags and go on an adventure across one of the most marvellous places in Gujarat.