Bharuch in Gujarat is an ancient town with a 2000 year history located at the mouth of River Narmada. Tour to Bharuch will educate you about the ancient background of the historical city. It is acclaimed to be the oldest seaports which prospered in the 1st century AD. As per the history, Bharuch came under the rule of the Solanki rajputs much later. The city got its name ‘Bhrigukachba’ from the Temple of Bhrigu Rishi, the name later shortened to Bharuch. Today the city is well known for its textile mills and long staple cotton. Bharuch tour is educational, informative and very inspiring.

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As one of the most industrialized districts of Gujarat, Bharuch is swiftly advancing towards a prosperous phase of development. Tour to Bharuch is frequently organized by industrialists and businessmen.

Distinguished industries, chemical plants produce dyes, fertilizers, dairy products and paints. Liquid Cargo Terminal is another industrial attraction of this place. Bharuch also houses many reputed multinationals which form a substantial part of its yearly revenue.

Read on to find out the top 7 tourist destinations in this historical and invigorating city.

1. Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge was built in 1881 by the British in order to enhance access to trade and administration officials in Mumbai. The Golden Bridge, which connects Ankleshwar to Bharuch by crossing Narmada River is an example of the British leaving their footprints in India.

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Though the bridge witnessed natural calamities like floods and earthquakes, yet its 134 year old structure never took a back seat while providing daily transportation to the people. The name Golden Bridge is attributed to the fact that high quality iron featuring excess strength and resistivity was used for its construction work.

2. Bhrigu Rishi Temple

Bhrigu Rishi Temple

The temple of Bhrigu Rishi, one of the famous and sacred temples of Gujarat, is situated on the east of the city on the banks of the holy river Narmada. This temple, being visited by a number of pilgrims, has great religious importance to the people of Bharuch.

Bharuch which was originally called ‘Bhrigukachba’ derived its name from this temple. The temple was built in honour of the great saint Maharishi Bhrigu who was able to attain sainthood by reaching the perfect balance between wisdom and activity.

To taste Gujrati culture at its best alongside imbibing the essence of devotion and contemplation, the Bhrigu Rishi temple should be visited.

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3. Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary located on the outskirts of Bharuch stretches over an area of 608sq. kms and  is a nature observer’s paradise. Earlier known as Dhumkal Sanctuary, it was established with a view to protect the Sloth Bear. The sanctuary is a peaceful abode for a large variety of birds and animals.

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Leopards, wild sloth bears, hyena, panther, sambar, four-horned antelope, wild dogs are some of the fauna’s protected here. Crocodiles and otters have been sighted along the river. Best season for visiting the sanctuary is from October to March.

4. Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid

History of Muslim religion in Gujarat spans over a millennia and if one has to choose a living image that represents Muslim in Gujarat, then it can’t be anything other than the Jama Masjid of Bharuch. The mosque possess a distinguished structure, which in turn differentiates it from other mosques in India.

On one hand, its covered courtyard gives it the look of a fort, while on the other its construction during the 14th century from the remains of an ancient Jain temple represent temple architecture modified on Islamic practices. . The mosque holds a strong position at the base of Bharuch Fort and has good historical value attached to it. The nearby Narmada River again adds to its scenic beauty.

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5. Bharuch Fort

Bharuch Fort

The Bharuch Fort is an ancient fortress that stands testimony to ages of advancements and holds the rich legacy of the city. It is the principal attraction of the place and was constructed by Siddhraj Jaysinh, belonging to the Solanki dynasty. A climb upstairs the fort will give an enchanting aerial view of the Narmada River. Iron plates were used to build the fortress and has been specifically involved in protecting the city from floods.

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There is a small ‘bungli’ (room) on the second floor that has arrangements for placing matchlock guns. The facade of the fort is designed with rich and lavish wood carvings. Within the fort there is the Collector’s office, Civil Courts, the Old Dutch factory, a church, the Victoria Clock tower and other buildings.

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6. Kabirvad


Kabirvad is an island on the river Narmada at a distance of about 16km from Bharuch city. The main attraction here is a gigantic banyan tree covering an area of 3.7 acres. According to legend, it is at this place that saint Kabirdas meditated and the treegrew from a meswak stick (used for brushing the teeth) that was thrown here by the saint.

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Other added attractions here are the lotus shaped marble temple, Kabir museum and boat ride on Narmada river.

7. Jageshwar Mahadev Temple

Jageshwar Mahadev Temple

Jageshwar Mahadev is one of the renowned temples having armed statues of Nandi and Skandi. People visit this temple to worship Lord Shiva in the form of Nagesh/Jageshwar. It is located on the beautiful Jataganga valley and is designed with exquisite craftsmanship.

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It is the most visited place in the city and attracts lots of pilgrims. The main temple is devoted to the child form of the Hindu Lord Shiva. This medieval temple is placed in the dense Deodar forest which provides scenic views to people coming here.

Tour to Bharuch will educate you about the rich historical heritage. From the blessed river of Narmada to the Golden Bridge, the district has a wide choice of tourist attractions. All the tourists’ places are well preserved by the Gujarat Government. The city is quite ancient as it exists since the era of Mahabharata and also had importance during the Solanki rule.

So keeping in mind these places to direct your trip, plan one soon and experience all this invigorating city has to offer.