Amreli is a city and a municipality in Amreli district of the Saurashtra region in the state of Gujarat, India. It is believed that during the year 534 AD Amreli existed was formerly known as Anumanji, Amlik and then Amravati. The city is named in ancient Gujrati as Amarvalli.  Among-st the remains of the ancient town are the memorial stones or paliyas and foundations discovered in the fork of the Thebi and Vari rivers, and two old temples, Kamnath and Trimbaknath, on the west and east of the river.

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Amreli is replete with temples, natural reserves and dams on rivers that rush in to meet the Arabian Sea. Though not documented, it is believed that this region was in existence back in 6th century AD, well imbibing the colorful local Gujarati culture.  Industrially not so developed, Amreli can be a nice getaway from the maddening city crowd for a day or two.

Let’s take a look at the 9 top tourist attractions in this city.

1. Khodiyar Dam

Khodiyar Dam

Built on the River Shetrunji, it is one of the largest dams in the region, at a height of 75 feet. This dam provides water to the city of Amreli and is a popular picnic spot. The views from and of this dam of the gushing cascading waters make it worth the trip.

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2. Pania Wildlife Sanctuary

Pania Wildlife Sanctuary

Popularly known as Chanchai-Pania, this sanctuary is an integral part of the famous Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. Pania Sanctuary was notified in June 1989. This patch of forest, having arid conditions in absence of any natural water source, has given way to abundant growth of grass making the area ideal for chinkara- the Indian gazelle.

Although lions, leopards and all other animals that reside in Gir, frequent this sanctuary, chinkaras roam more freely in this sanctuary rather than in the much wooded areas of Gir. Here eco-tourists find nature and wildlife in its rawest form.

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3. Bhurakhia Hanuman Temple

Bhurakhia Hanuman Temple

Bhurakhia Hanuman Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to monkey god Lord Hanuman. As per legend, a renowned saint Shri Damodardasji had a dream a Lord Hanuman during his journey in Virangaum in 1642. On the full moon night of Chaitra in 1642 and among divine halo, the hillock disappeared suddenly and the Lord appeared smeared with sindoor all over.

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The saint named this place as “Bhurakshya” which the passage of time became Bhurakhia. Bhurakhiya is very beautiful place and also very enjoyable place for the duration of aarti people to see Hanuman temple.

4. Pipavav Port

Pipavav Port

The name ‘Pipavav’ has two parts, the name Pipa originates from the name of Saint Pipaji, who was a king from Rajasthan, left his kingdom in search of the eternity along with his queen Sitadevi. Vav in Gujarati refers to a well. Pipavav village is still having a well which was dug by Saint Pipaji.

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A temple of Radha and Krishna is in the village, there is a saying that the idols were obtained during the digging process of the well then. Now a famous Port, it has a natural breakwater facing the waves called Shialbet Island. The Island is inhabited by a small fishing community and is connected to the mainland.

5. Nagnath Temple

Nagnath Temple

The Nagnath Temple is of major religious and historical significance in Amreli. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple was built in the 17th century and it was from the inscriptions on its walls that much of the region’s history was discovered. The Nagnath temple gained popularity gradually as the wishes of many people, especially devotees of Lord Shiva, were granted.  The temple witnesses the highest number of devotees during the religious festivals of Naag Panchami and Shivratri. The architecture of the Nagnath Temple coupled with the traditional rituals that take place here make for a wonderful tourist experience.

6. Garibdasbapu Ashram Mota Nurapir

Garibdasbapu Ashram Mota Nurapir

The Garibdasbapu Ashram Mota Nurapir is your opportunity to enjoy a few moments of sanctity. It lies within close proximity of one of Gujarat’s most celebrated temple, the Nurapir Temple. Visitors to this temple, check into this ashram that also serves the purpose of a spiritual retreat.

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The temple is visited for various reasons by those pursing salvation, wealth, relief from diseases, purchase of vehicles and knowledge. The ashram holds various insightful events and activities based on the lines of spiritualism.

7. Tulsi Shyam Hot Water Springs

Tulsi Shyam Hot Water Springs

There are three hot water springs at Tulsi Shyam. The first spring has warm water. The second one has slightly hot water. But the third one has boiling water. The steam can be seen coming out of the water from this third spring. The visitors take bath in these water springs to get rid of their skin diseases. In the same campus as the springs is a temple, said to be seven hundred years old.

You need to climb around 100 steep steps to reach up to this temple of Rukshmanidevi. The statue of Rukshmani is made of black marble and is around 2 feet tall. The whole experience of the temple and springs is a unique one altogether.

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8. Kailash Mukti Dham

Kailash Mukti Dham

Kailash Dham is the “Moksha Dham” of Amreli. This place is built as a tourist place where people come and see the Kailash temple and many more things like statues of Ramayana & Mahabharata characters and also those of many gods & goddesses. The Kailash Train is the most beautiful attraction of the place which allows you  to travel all through the area of Kailash Dham.

9. Sarkeshwar Beach

Sarkeshwar Beach

Sarkeshwar Beach is located on the boarder of Junagadh & Amreli district, near the Southern Tip of Saurashtra region. The first attraction for most visitors at Sarkeshwar is the turquoise blue water. Sound of the waves here is very soothing and the shore is lined by tiny and beautiful sea shells.

It is a wild beach which means it can be referred to as an undeclared, undeveloped, undefined, or undiscovered beach which assures calm surroundings and a beautiful landscape.

All the beautiful and amazing places mentioned above make for an interesting and insightful trip to Amreli, away from the hustle bustle of our city lives. So plan your trip, pack your bags and get exploring!

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